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Friday, August 25, 2017 • • General
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1.     Finding the time to do everything I need to do; Prayer, personal devotion, sermon preparation, leadership, meetings, caring for people, district events, teaching Bible studies etc.

2.     Getting everybody on board and keeping them on board. We all start out great, but it is a constant struggle to keep people motivated and focused.

3.     Causing people to change and grow can be exhausting spiritually, mentally and physically.

4.     It seems like the attack of the enemy in the spirit realm is greater since I have been a pastor.

5.     The pressure to be pleasing to everybody in the pulpit. It is harder to preach truth in this generation than in the past. There is a fear of offending that has to be overcome.

6.     Always being the one to encourage people, but often receiving no encouragement yourself.

7.     There is nothing 'normal' in life. This can be very challenging for the pastor's family. For example; The preachers kids don't get their parent's time and attention on weekends like most kids would, weekends are usually work, work, work.


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